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Kappa Rescues Automotive Parts Manufacturer from Costly Motor Failure

In the fast-paced world of automotive parts manufacturing, downtime and unexpected failures can lead to significant financial losses. Sensoteq recently collaborated with a prominent automotive parts manufacturer to enhance the reliability and performance of their production processes. The objective was clear: monitor critical equipment to prevent breakdowns, reduce downtime, and ensure optimal productivity.

The Challenge

The challenge faced by Sensoteq's client was ensuring the continuous and efficient operation of gearbox motors, vital components in their production processes. To address this, Sensoteq installed 270 Kappa wireless vibration sensors across 17 machines spanning seven different sites.


Working closely with the client, Sensoteq configured the Kappa X system to monitor vibration and temperature levels in real-time. Alarm thresholds, both at warning and critical levels, were determined collaboratively to enable swift and effective response in case of anomalies. This allowed for predictive maintenance and early fault detection, helping prevent breakdowns and reduce unplanned downtime.

Success Story

After three years of seamless monitoring, the Kappa sensors proved their worth when a high-temperature alert was triggered. The alert indicated a temperature exceeding 70°C at the motor's drive end. The client's maintenance team, equipped with a thermal imaging camera, confirmed an alarming temperature of 240°C. A thorough investigation uncovered a closed manual valve, causing a lack of cooling water flow.

Swift action was taken to open the valve, resolving the cooling system issue promptly and preventing potential motor damage. The use of Sensoteq's Kappa sensors proved critical in averting a catastrophe, saving the client an estimated $350,000 in downtime, maintenance, and replacement costs.

Significance of IoT Solutions in Industrial Settings

This case highlights the significance of adopting IoT solutions, such as Sensoteq's Kappa system, to optimise performance and safeguard against costly failures in industrial settings. The continuous monitoring of critical assets for changes in vibration and temperature, coupled with real-time alerts, empowers maintenance teams to intervene proactively, preventing catastrophic failures and minimising financial losses.


Sensoteq's Kappa system has demonstrated its effectiveness in the automotive parts manufacturing industry by providing real-time insights into equipment health. The collaboration with the client not only prevented a potential $350,000 in costs but also showcased the power of predictive maintenance in ensuring the continuous and reliable operation of critical machinery. As industries continue to embrace IoT solutions, Sensoteq remains at the forefront, helping businesses thrive in an era of smart and connected manufacturing.


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