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Our Story

Founded in 2016 by two highly experienced innovators, Alan McCall and Idir Boudaoud, Sensoteq is the product of 50 years of combined expertise in new product development in sensing systems for the automotive industry. Together, Alan and Idir saw a unique opportunity to bring to market wireless sensing technologies suitable for application in heavy duty industrial environments.

Our People

From seasoned engineers to creative minds driving product design, our collaborative spirit fuels the cutting-edge solutions we provide. United by a shared commitment to excellence, our team is at the heart of Sensoteq's mission to revolutionise the world of reliability technology.

Our Values

Our values form the foundation of our identity, steering our actions and decisions. They encapsulate our dedication to excellence, continuous improvement, and the shared pursuit of victories that define our dynamic and forward-thinking organisation.

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We Set the Standard

We set the standard in every task we undertake. We pioneer reliability. We innovate and set new industry standards. We are uncompromising in product quality. We satisfy our customers. We take pride and ownership in our work. ​

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We Think Big

When it comes to our goals we think big. We set a plan and execute it. If we meet roadblocks, we find new ways to move forward. We are not afraid to fail, but learn and progress from our mistakes. We share knowledge so that together we can achieve big things!​

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We Win Together

Our team is our greatest asset, and our people always come first. We collaborate with each other and with our customers so that we can achieve our goals together. We show empathy and inclusivity to everyone. We support each other, so that we can all win together. This is what sets our Sensoteq family apart.​

Our Impact

Sensoteq's impact extends beyond its innovative sensor technologies, as the company is committed to corporate social responsibility, actively contributing to the well-being of communities and fostering sustainability initiatives in the regions it serves. 


For Us

Sustainability is an integral part of our company purpose. This means having a positive impact on society and reducing negative impacts of business operations.


For our Clients

Through strengthening the operational performance of our clients, we help them to ensure future viability and competitiveness while continuously improving productivity through initiatives such as automation and digitalisation across their production environments.

Our Legacy

By ensuring machines run efficiently, we help to minimise our collective impact on the environment, preventing hazardous and costly failure incidentsby monitoring the heartbeat of industrial machines. 

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Sustainability Goals

Sensoteq intertwines innovation with environmental responsibility. With a keen focus on reducing our carbon footprint and promoting ethical sourcing, Sensoteq strives to contribute positively to the planet. Our sustainability initiatives extend beyond compliance, embodying a holistic approach that reflects our dedication to a greener future.


Empowering Northern Ireland's economic vitality and fostering local sustainability, we champion growth within the region and its supply chain. Simultaneously, we aspire to contribute to a global impact by exporting 80% of our sales beyond the borders of the UK and Ireland.

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