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Machine Health Monitoring

Wireless sensor solutions for predictive maintenance

Remote Machine Health Monitoring for Industrial Applications

At Sensoteq, we specialise in wireless sensor solutions for remote machine health monitoring. Our technology enables predictive maintenance of industrial applications, preventing costly downtime and increasing efficiency.

Real-time Data Analytics

Our cloud platform allows for real-time data analysis, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

Versatile Application

Our wireless sensor solutions can be applied to a variety of industrial applications, making them versatile and adaptable to your specific needs.

Expert Data Analysis

Our team of experts provides data science acceleration, allowing you to gain insights and optimise your operations.

Dedicated Customer Support

We are committed to providing full customer experience service, ensuring that you receive the support you need to make the most out of our technology.


"We use the Kappa X for all our wireless vibration applications. Great fmax at 10kHz for those high frequency problems. Short term data collected every minute, works well on batch processes but also detailed root cause analysis when fault finding. Reliable product with excellent battery life and good range from the gateway to sensor. Highly recommended."

Stuart Walker, Reliability Maintenance Solutions


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