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Sensoteq Chi Machine Reliability Tool

We’re often asked by our customers for an analysis tool which can be used on demand. This is where our ever-popular Sensoteq Chi Service Tool kits come into play.

  • Is it rechargeable? Yes!

  • Can it be used when there is no internet connection available? Yes!

  • Can I upload data to the cloud for detailed analysis and reporting? Yes!

Chi is the all-in-one solution for service technicians who are out on the road, plant owners who want peace of mind that their equipment is in good operational health, and original equipment manufacturers who want to perform end-of-line factory acceptance tests.

It can be used on any industrial asset for route-based condition monitoring, or in mine and quarry applications for commissioning and machine servicing. Its functions include triaxial vibration analysis, the ability to perform a hammer test, and structural analysis for screens. It’s here that the Sensoteq Chi comes into its own.

As one of the only solutions on the market which can record detailed motion patterns on vibrating screens, the stroke analysis mode enables detailed assessment of stroke length and angle, rotating frequency, displacement from all three axes and temperature.

Sensoteq Chi Sensor on Machine Analysing Vibrations

In practice, this means the operator can ensure optimum screening efficiency on site. All too often we come across screens running at much higher RPM than design in an attempt to maximise output. The familiar screeching noise of bearings under pressure as you arrive onsite. With Sensoteq Chi, we can determine optimum running speed – adjusting the parameters on-site to achieve the same throughput but at a lower RPM. This helps our screens to stand the test of time, and reduces unnecessary energy wastage.

Regular check-ups on machine performance helps to optimise plant efficiency. By using Bluetooth technology to make measurements at the touch of a button, Sensoteq Chi makes achieving machine efficiency both quick and easy. The result is equal output of product, at lower running speeds; meaning less downtime from over-worked machines.

For rotating equipment, time waveform and spectrum measurements are recorded using a mobile android device – identifying potential machine health problems and enabling effective planning of maintenance shutdowns while preventing unplanned failures.

Log on to the Sensoteq Analytix platform to avail of advanced diagnostics tools and produce machine or site health status reports. You can upload your data directly to the cloud, or, if caught on a remote site with no way to connect to the internet, you can store your data and upload it later.

Available in 2 or 4 sensor configurations, and with or without a tablet, there’s a Sensoteq Chi tool to suit every application. It’s rechargeable, compact, and incredibly durable – all adding to give you the confidence that your plant is performing as it should.

See Sensoteq Chi in action on our YouTube channel

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