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Kappa X – What’s the Hype?

The launch of Kappa X is a huge step forward for Sensoteq, as it brings our next-generation sensor to the market.

Kappa X has been developed from our very successful Kappa sensor with major improvements we as a company wanted to make to be a market leader in wireless sensor technology, but also our Kappa X sensor features some really exciting upgrades that we incorporated from a large selection of customer feedback we have received over the years.

Kappa X on Machinery for Vibration Analysis

First of all, our new Kappa X sensor features a replaceable battery. Obviously, this is hugely important as our customers will simply be able to replace the battery at their own convenience every 5 years. They can simply swap out the battery when required, a really important feature when our customer’s critical assets require continuous monitoring, as opposed to our first generation sensor which featured a non-replaceable battery. This has a huge positive environmental impact, as our sensors do no longer require a complete replacement. Sensoteq understands the importance of our environmental impact in today’s world and we are proud to have developed our sensors to meet these requirements.

Secondly, our sensor now features a 10kHz Fmax, which enables earlier warning and increased diagnostic capability. In order to be a market leader, Sensoteq knew they had to have a sensor with a maximum frequency range used when capturing vibration data on a spectrum of 10Khz, and so we are now able to offer this capability to our customers.

Spectrum and Time Waveform Graphs on Sensoteq Analytix

Lastly, the Kappa X has some really useful and interesting features with the aim of making it not only adaptable to any industrial application, but also adjustable so that each customer can use the Kappa X sensor for their own unique outputs. These features include:

Smart Wake technology enables the sensor to enter ultra-low power mode, preserving battery life

Auto-Ranging allows the sensor to automatically scale up to +/-64G to cope with peak energy exerted by the machine

User configuration adapts the system to suit all applications

Sensoteq have installed Kappa X sensors in a range of industries and environments on numerous machines, and not only is the Kappa X installation process seamless and straightforward, our customers are already seeing the benefits of our new sensors capabilities in monitoring their assets and predicting faults.

Kappa X on Machinery for Vibration Analysis

If you would like to discuss how Sensoteq could help monitor your assets and reduce downtime, enquire now.

See Sensoteq Kappa X in action on our YouTube channel

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