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Sustainable IIOT For The Future of Your Business with Kappa X

A global leader in wireless reliability technologies, Sensoteq, is celebrating the launch of its latest innovation in Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) technology - Kappa X.

Pairing cleverly designed sensor technology with big data algorithms, the Northern Ireland-based company is revolutionising the predictive maintenance market, by making reliability best practice accessible, affordable and easy to implement in any industrial application.

The latest generation of smart sensing hardware offered by the company, Kappa X, is the culmination of many years of product development and collaboration with key research partners, and speaks to the future of Industry 4.0.

Kappa X on Machinery for Vibration Analysis

Sensoteq Kappa X sensor on motor

The sensor features unrivalled wireless technology, a replaceable battery design and a market-leading fault detection capacity within a compact 25mm footprint, meaning it can be mounted on virtually any piece of rotating equipment in any machine environment.

Already, the demand for the technology has outweighed pre-launch production volumes, with orders from blue chip companies represented in a wide range of manufacturing sectors, to include Automotive, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Waste Recycling and Energy and Renewables. “We have been overwhelmed by the demand for Kappa X” said Sensoteq CEO, Idir Boudaoud. “We listened to what our customers wanted, and by combining our engineering know-how with the technical expertise of our UK-based Research Partner, RMS, we have been able to deliver a smart sensor which measures all of the intricate machine details that our experts want to see, while providing a long term, sustainable, robust and extremely accessible machine reliability system for our customers”.

Kappa X Sensor and Sensoteq Gateway

‎Sensoteq Founders Alan McCall and Idir Boudaoud with Kappa X sensors and gateway

Kappa X is the sixth product Sensoteq has released to market in the last 5 years, with key design features heavily influenced by the transition to Industry 4.0.

“Our aim is to make machines smart” Boudaoud continues, “By doing so we safeguard machine longevity, and prevent failure incidents which are well known to have significant cost implications and knock-on supply chain expense. What is less well-known is the amount of energy wastage and potential for environmental damage caused by inefficient operations or machine failure. It is our desire to prevent such incidents, helping the transition to more responsible industrial operations.”

An end-to-end solution provider, Sensoteq specialises in remote wireless machine health monitoring to predict machine faults, remove unnecessary energy wastage, and increase reliability and resiliency on site.

The smart technology raises an alarm when vibration or temperature trends increase beyond typical values for a machine type. Machine specific algorithms act to organise complex data into coherent and simplistic outputs on the Sensoteq Analytix platform, which in turn enables machine operators to pinpoint specific mechanical or electrical faults with their equipment. As the machine data is stored securely on the cloud for detailed analysis, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Kappa X on Pharmaceutical Machinery for Vibration Analysis

Sensoteq Kappa X sensors on pharmaceutical application

The latest product release to market, Kappa X, features all the benefits reliability experts expect from a smart sensor. Smart wake technology enables the sensor to enter ultra-low power mode to preserve battery life; auto-ranging allows the sensor to automatically scale up to +/-64G to measure peak energy exerted by the machine; and a wide vibration frequency range of up to 10kHz results in even earlier detection of faults.

Combine all this with a user-replaceable battery and the ability to update firmware in accordance with Sensoteq’s latest design release, and it is clear to see why Kappa X undoubtedly features one of the best wireless sensor lifespans on the market.

As a result, Sensoteq is helping to address some of the difficult problems posed by the future of industrial operations. Manufacturers are demanding intuitive and economically viable solutions for smart manufacturing. The launch of Kappa X marks the provision of a quick, easy and affordable starting point for any operational reliability program – providing peace of mind that machines are running in the most efficient manner possible.

Kappa X on Machinery for Vibration Analysis

If you would like to discuss how Sensoteq could help monitor your assets and reduce downtime, enquire now.


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