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Discover the power of Sensoteq Chi - a groundbreaking sensor solution offering instant feedback on machinery efficiency and health directly to the Sensoteq Chi app on Android. With advanced analysis options on our cloud-based platform, Analytix, Chi has been meticulously designed as the perfect companion for technicians, installers, and manufacturers. Whether assessing machinery in the field or ensuring peak performance before it leaves the factory, Chi proves indispensable. Its versatility extends across all industries, suitable for machine types featuring rotating elements or generating cyclical patterns. Elevate your machinery management with Chi and Analytix—a proven duo delivering unparalleled insights.


Includes free 12 month Sensoteq Analytix subscription

Sensoteq Chi 2 Sensor Kit

SKU: CH-T01-2-0
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  • Unlock a new era in machinery diagnostics with Sensoteq Chi's versatile 3 measurement modes.

    Dive into detailed Vibration Analysis, revealing waveforms and spectrums that provide nuanced insights into machinery performance.

    Explore Stroke Analysis, offering precise measurements of Stroke Length, Angle, and G-Force, allowing you to fine-tune and optimize machine operations.

    Engage in the Hammer Test mode to uncover natural frequencies, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your machinery's dynamic behavior.

    Empower yourself to assess and enhance machinery health like never before.