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EASA 2021: Overview

June finally saw the return to in-person trade shows for the Sensoteq Team. Our North American Sales Manager travelled to Fort Worth, Texas to attend EASA, the three-day event from June 27-29.

It was our first time exhibiting at EASA, the Electro-Mechanical Authority’s Annual Convention and Exposition, and most likely, it will not be our last. The show was a great success, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Electro-Mechanical Authority’s Annual Convention and Exposition

Being one of the 135 vendors/exhibitors in attendance at the Convention, was a fantastic venue to display our new and existing products:

• Sensoteq Kappa wireless vibration sensor

Sensoteq Chi Bluetooth Wireless vibration system

Sensoteq Analytix software

NEW Sensoteq Kappa X wireless vibration sensor

NEW Sensoteq thermography system

Engineer Explaining Condition Monitoring Sensors

The three-day show was a great mix of educational classes, product displays and demonstrations in the expo hall. Our strategically selected booth received great foot traffic, and we enjoyed great conversation with many prospects that we will be reaching out to within the next few days.

Our sales manager W on the event: “It was a breath of fresh air to get back in front of people at an in-person trade show. The interaction between the exhibitors and the attendees was great. Sensoteq looks forward to the EASA 2022 show in St. Louis, MO. We will be selecting our Booth location shortly.”


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