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Sensoteq Analytix Winter 2022 Update

Sensoteq have rolled out some updates to our Analytix Platform. These new features are focused on making installation even more accessible to our users.

Installer Privileges

These updates focus on giving more control to installers and key users for setup and modification of their sites within Sensoteq Analytix on a desktop browser. These tools are designed to give flexibility during installation and provide some form of control so that authorised users can update or add sensors as needed.

• Ability for an installer to add, edit and delete machines and measuring points

• Edit details about their site, update location

• Change machine types and sub-types

• Add images manually to machines and measuring points

• Diagnostic tools to aid in sensor installation (sensor received signal strength etc)

• Diagnostic tools for the gateway (last shutdown reason, WiFi or Cellular signal strength)

• New functionality is available on desktop-based browsers (eg: Chrome on Windows)

Users will need installer privileges enabled to access these features – standard users will not be able to modify any of the above. We will be rolling out a series of training courses to accompany this to ensure users are comfortable with the installer features. If you are interested please contact Support to arrange a training session.

Installer Mobile Apps

We use two custom mobile apps for setting up our system; ‘Sensoteq Credentials’ for adding gateway hardware to a WiFi network, and ‘Sensoteq Install’ to guide the user through the process of installing sensors. Installers can use either mobile apps, or a standard web browser to setup hardware on the system.

Sensoteq Credentials

Android users download from Google Play here

Apple users download from App Store here

Sensoteq Install

Android users download from Google Play here

The install app is currently pending an Apple release, and we expect this process to be completed in Q1.

Sensoteq Analytix on App Store

Multi-Factor Authentication

We have also improved security across the platform by adding two-factor authentication (2FA). This is optional for standard users, but a highly recommended security feature to protect your account. For installers, this is optional until 1st March, at which point it will be necessary to use 2FA. It introduces an additional authentication process that uses a third-party app to validate the user (such as Google Authenticator)

1. You can enable 2FA under “Account Setting”

Multi-Factor Authentication

2. Enable “Multi-factor authentication” and follow the steps

Multi-Factor Authentication

3. It is recommended to use either Google or Microsoft Authenticator Apps on your phone (you will need to download the app from your app store)

4. Setup is easy and only requires that you scan the QR code that appears on Analytix once

5. When you next attempt to log in to Analytix it will prompt you for an additional code, open the authenticator app and use the code provided for Analytix

6. If you need any assistance with this, please contact us and we can guide you through it


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