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Sensoteq Founders' Vision for a More Sustainable Industrial World

Alan and Idir saw a unique opportunity to create a more sustainable world with wireless sensing technologies. In this short film, we delve into the details of Sensoteq's origin story, tracing the moments of inspiration, challenges overcome, and the innovative spirit that led to the formation of their venture. Join us as we unveil the passion, commitment, and ingenuity that lie at the heart of Sensoteq's mission to contribute to a sustainable and interconnected world.

How did you meet?

McCall, "We met about 22 years ago. We clicked pretty quickly. We were the same age with a similar ethos in life.'

Boudaoud, "Yeah, be innovative. Innovation was probably one of the big common points for us both."

McCall, "We worked very closely together. We've travelled the world together. So we talked about everything from friends, family and aspirations in life. Our families are very entrepreneurial so, naturally, it was in our blood to have our own business someday."

How did Sensoteq begin?

McCall, "We were getting near 40, and we thought, do we just stay in the company and have a nice, secure job, or do we go and try and push the boat out now and take that plunge of starting something?"

Boudaoud, "Now, we're making a better world, building the future, helping people around us, helping companies and really making a significant change in the world."

How do you maintain resilience in difficult circumstances?

Boudaoud, "I think we maintain resilience in tough times by talking to each other, calling each other in the evenings. Taking to people is very important. I think through tough times if you're alone it's very hard. If you're doing it together, it's never as hard, regardless of what the tough time is. Everything is doable. That's the first point. It's having that mindset that everything is doable. I think that's an important step before doing anything in our ethos and work. It's also about embracing change."

Sensoteq are aiming to create a more sustainable industrial world - a difficult task. What are your plans for the future?

Boudaoud, "Our plan in the years to come is to continue to grow the company, doubling year on year. We aim to grow and achieve that very large 100 million turnover so that's what we're going to do."


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