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Sensoteq launches latest IoT technology for precision monitoring of material processing equipment at the 2024 Future Minerals Forum in Riyadh

Sensoteq, headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a pioneering provider of wireless reliability sensors for machine health monitoring, is set to make an impact to the minerals and mining industry with the launch of its latest advancement in precision monitoring for material processing equipment at the Future Minerals Forum, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Tau Sensor on Bearing Machine

The latest release to the Sensoteq Tau® sensor range, Tau E, boasts enhanced capabilities in the wireless monitoring of vibratory mining equipment, coupling existing vibration and temperature measurements with advanced waveform analysis and 3D visualisation features to provide insightful minute-by-minute machine performance data to inform operational decision-making.

The sensor, which has a rugged low-profile design, can be easily mounted to mining equipment by high strength magnet or drill and tap method. Machine health data is transmitted wirelessly to Sensoteq’s cloud-based Analytix® platform, enabling values to be trended over time to identify faults or inefficiencies within processing equipment. Measurements include stroke, motion and vibration parameters, making the Sensoteq Tau® sensor range a popular choice in evaluating a wide range of mine equipment, including screens, crushers and pumps.

Sensoteq's participation in the Future Minerals Forum is driven by a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and collaboration. Sensoteq’s CEO and founder, Idir Boudaoud, states that the company’s core mission is to offer a sustainable future for the industrial world, transforming business practices of both large and small mining businesses.

Boudaoud says, “Smart connected technologies present opportunities to enhance the availability of data for operational decision making. Main components of mining machinery typically operate under conditions such as high load, high temperature, high moisture or dusty areas, causing degradation in component health which can lead to unexpected breakdowns, downtime and economic loss. Machine health analysis using Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices allows for early detection of unforeseen failures.”

He continues, “The mining and minerals industry plays a pivotal role in global economies, and we believe that our wireless monitoring solutions can revolutionise this sector by improving operational efficiency, enhancing safety, and driving sustainable practices. As we expand our footprint into new industries, the Future Minerals Forum presents an invaluable opportunity to connect with key stakeholders, share our vision, and forge meaningful partnerships, and we are delighted to be able to launch our latest advancement in precision monitoring for mining equipment, Tau E, at the show”.

Tau E is a natural evolution of the popular Sensoteq Tau® sensor range, and responds to market demand to add precision accuracy, waveform and spectrum measurements within the sensor. Technical specifications include stroke data at 5-minute intervals between ± 8g; waveform and spectrum measurements every 6 hours between ± 16g; asset ‘start’ event detection every 15 minutes; and an extended 5-year battery lifetime.

Sensoteq caters to diverse industries from pharmaceuticals to oil and gas.  Leveraging the power of IoT, Sensoteq combines wireless sensor technology with advanced big data algorithms to remotely monitor machinery health, predict potential failures, and prevent costly unplanned downtime. Sensoteq's global footprint is expanding rapidly, and is supported by regional sales and support teams across five continents.

To learn more about Tau E, click here.


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