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Tau E: Precision Monitoring for Mineral Processing Equipment

Sensoteq Tau is a wireless sensing solution designed for remote monitoring of mining and aggregate equipment. Specialising in vibration and temperature analysis of both machine structures and bearings, Tau now offers enhanced capabilities through Advanced Waveform Analysis and 3D Visualisation to optimise uptime.

Tau E, the latest release to the Sensoteq Tau sensor range, redefines precision monitoring for material processing equipment, particularly in the vibratory mining sector. Let's delve into the features and potential impact of this new advancement in wireless reliability sensors for machine health monitoring.


Stroke Length, Stroke Angle, G-Force (X / Y / Z), Deflection


Misalignment, Looseness, Imbalance, Structural Issues

What's New?

Enhanced Battery Life of 5+ Years

Stronger Magnetic Fitting

Increased Accuracy for Data Sampling

Our new sensor expands upon our two variants: Structure and Bearing. Tau Structure monitors and compares the machinery's stroke length, g-force, deflection and uptime. Tau Bearing detects issues within the machine's rotating elements, which may lead to misalignment, looseness, imbalance and friction.

With the introduction of this enhanced sensor, Sensoteq reinforces its commitment to advancing industrial maintenance practices. The expanded capabilities of Tau E showcase Sensoteq's dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions that will redefine precision monitoring. As industries worldwide navigate the challenges of maintaining high-performance machinery, Sensoteq's latest sensor is helping to guide the mining and aggregate industry toward a future where maintenance is not just a reaction but a calculated, proactive strategy.

Sensoteq Tau E data is compatible with Sensoteq Analytix, our streamlined web interface displaying real-time performance data for effortless, remote visualisation. Early detection of issues such as imbalance, bearing wear, and misalignment helps to prevent unexpected downtime, reduces maintenance costs, and ensures consistent product quality.

Analyse stroke, angle and deflection data from Tau Structure with features like the Advanced Waveform Analysis. Assess full spectrum and waveform analysis, tracking the harmonic cursor, bearing fault frequencies, and side band amplitudes from Tau Bearing sensors to compliment machine maintenance strategies.

Tau E Timeplot on Analytix
A 2D representation and the comparison of movement between axes. (Y vs X, Y vs Z, X vs Z), 

Tau E Timeplot on Analytix
Plot data rendered as a 3D image conveying the measuring points' oscillating pattern

Sensoteq's Tau E sensor technology marks a significant leap forward in precision monitoring for mining equipment. With its advanced features, commitment to sustainability, and global reach, Sensoteq is poised to revolutionise the mineral and mining industries.

To learn more about Tau E, click here.


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